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Homemade Fresh Pasta

Nothing beats freshly made pasta! With just 2 ingredients, you can make pasta at the comfort of your own kitchen.

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Homemade Fresh Pasta

This pasta recipe, using only eggs and flour, renders a natural flavour and colour to the pasta. Double the portion and freeze the unused pasta, dusted with additional top flour.

Prep. Time
30 min
Cook Time
10 min
Total Time
40 min

Top Flour          150g
Eggs                  100g

Additional Top Flour for dusting


1. Mix eggs with top flour by hand until the dough is smooth.
2. Flatten with a rolling pin. Dust the dough with flour and pass it through a pasta machine a few times, starting from thick to thin setting.
3. When the pasta sheet is thin enough, pass the sheet through the noodle attachment. Dust the noodles in flour to keep them separate.
4. Boil in salted water for a few minutes until soft and al dente.
5. Heat pasta sauce in pan and toss the cooked pasta in the sauce. Serve.

Recipe copyright of Anna Chan from Sugar Inc.


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