Steam Optima Blossoms


Optima Sponge Cake Mix         250g

Cold Water/ Milk                        2 tbsp

Eggs                                          200g

Flavouring                                 1tsp

Oil                                             1 tbsp

Steam Optima Blossoms


1.    Beat eggs on high speed for 5 minutes till foamy and thick.

2.    Add in milk and essence, beat on high speed till the mixture is pale and fluffy.

3.    Add in optima mix, beat till ribbon stage.

4.    Add in oil in a slow stream and fold in using a spatula.

5.    Fill in the mould till 80% full. 

6.    Make a cross on the batter using fine sugar (optional)

7.    Steam on medium high heat for 25-30mins (whole cake) or 12-15mins (cupcakes). 

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