Steamed Coffee Sponge Cake (Puteri Ayu)

We gave traditional Pandan Puteri Ayu a twist! Replace classic pandan with coffee, for that awakening effect! 😀

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Steamed Coffee Sponge Cake (Puteri Ayu)

A quick and easy snack to make, perfect as a snack to serve for friends and family. Serve them warm for the luring coffee fragrance.

Prep. Time
20 min
Cook Time
10 min
Total Time
30 min

Plain Flour                100g
Baking Powder         1 tsp
Billington’s Light
Brown Sugar             80g
Eggs                            2
Milk                            70ml
Bake King
Coffee Emulco        2 tsp
Instant Coffee,        1 tsp
Ovalett,                    1/2 tsp

Coconut Toppings:
Desiccated Coconut  80g
Hot Water                  3 tbps
Cornflour                   1/2 tsp
Pinch of salt


1. In a mixing bowl, mix all the coconut topping ingredients together then scoop 1 teaspoon of the mixture into all the moulds.
2. Using an empty mould as a compressor, press it hard into the mould with coconut fillings then repeat for the rest of the moulds and set aside while prepare the batter.
3. To prepare the cake batter, beat all the ingredients using an electric mixer on medium speed till light and fluffy with ribbon trace.
4. Spoon coffee batter into piping bag and fill each mould till the brim or alternatively you can fill each mould with 2 teaspoons of batter.
5. Steamed over medium heat for 10 minutes. Unmould and serve warm.


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