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LorAnn Tartaric Acid - 3.4oz (96.4g)


Tartaric Acid is a natural fruit acid most often found in grapes and wine. It is added to other foods to give a sour taste and is used as as antioxidant.

√ Kosher Certified
√ Halal Friendly
√ Vegan
√ Gluten Free


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Tartaric Acid has a sharper, more biting level of tartness than Citric Acid. Tartaric Acid is a natural crystalline compound most often found in grapes and is the principal acid in wine and the component that promotes aging and crispness of flavour.

Weight 96.4 kg



Tartaric Acid Powder

Additional Information

Storage Instructions:  Store in a cool and dry place. Shake well before using.

   100% Edible
   Gluten Free

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