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Alicia Wong

Alicia’s career started at Capella Singapore as a part- time pastry assistant.

At Capella, Alicia was given life experience working with Globally recognized chefs, assisting with desserts presentation for the finest of banquets at Capella Hotel. In 2016, Alicia was headhunted to be part of the founding team at Plentyfull at Millenia Walk, heading the pastry team at the restaurant.

Mid-2017, Nesuto happened.
It started as a passion project among 3 friends with Alicia spearheading the creations and menu of Nesuto.
Nesuto was designed and developed to be the brand and place where artisanal quality patisseries are served in a cosy yet elegant and extravagant space. It is not only meant to be comfortable and relaxing but to be spoiled by opulent and decadent desserts and pastries.

Alicia’s take on her style of desserts are using western techniques as a basis, incorporating Asian pastry techniques, incorporating local Singaporean flavours into her desserts to make it unique and inventive. All her desserts exude intricacies, finesse, and elegance.

In 2022, CNA Remarkable Living sought Alicia out for an exciting feature – an episode on her life as a pastry chef.

As a pastry chef who does not stop striving to be better, she is self proclaimed to be obsessed with designing new flavours, curating new experiences on how to enjoy dessert.

“Creativity is at the heart of my passion for the craft, and I hope to bring my own flare and pastry principles into greater depth as I walk this journey – Alicia Wong”

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