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Bake King offers a full line of baking ingredients and the finest
products available, in addition to our extensive local expertise.
Since our establishment in Singapore, we have built a reputation
for providing quality food ingredients at affordable rates and
delivering them to our customers in a timely manner.

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Offering a huge selection of baking, cupcakes, cake decorating ingredients, etc.


Bake King offers some of the best baking courses in Singapore. In our classes, you learn how to bake tasty cakes, pastries and many more. Our cake baking classes will help you learn new skills, in addition to boosting your self-esteem and confidence. Apart from trying new food, we also inspire you to create cake decorating ideas. Our baking classes will teach you the basics of baking, how to measure ingredients and the science which is behind cakes, good breads, rice, grains and many more. All our classes are small hands-on classes where our experts will teach you to make the recipe from start to finish. In addition to benefitting you, we also conduct baking classes for kids. Therefore, your children will be able to bake their favourite cookies now! Another benefit of our baking workshop is that you will be able to learn at your own pace in a fun, relaxing environment. Our friendly instructors impart knowledge and also clarify your doubts. Do not hesitate to ask questions, for our experts are always willing to explain to you the reasons behind their techniques. Get ready to create sumptuous cakes and cookies with stunning decorations.


Bake King’s Blog shares our carefully crafted recipes, special featured products as well as tips for everyday baking. Peruse through this online ‘library’ for baking and decorating ideas. 

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