Coconut Sugar Steamed Cake (椰糖蒸糕)



Bake King Coconut Sugar     120g
Salt                                 1/4 tsp
Water                               275ml

Bake King Self-Raising Flour      170g
Corn Flour                                 30g
Baking Soda                         1/4 tsp
(all combined and sifted)

Bake King Roasted Sesame Seeds 

Coconut Sugar Steamed Cake (椰糖蒸糕)

1. Mix all dry ingredients (A) in a pot and cook till the sugar dissolved. Strain and cool.
2. Add in ingredients B into cooled A gradually.
3. If needed, sift the batter to smoothen out any clumps of flour.
4. Pour into a lined and greased cake tin, or cupcake moulds. 
5. Steam for 20 to 25 minutes over medium-high fire. Test with a skewer to make sure the stick comes out clean.
6. Scatter sesame seeds once the cake is done.

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