Stamp a Cake - Monogram & Frame Stamp


MONOGRAM & FRAME Stamp - Stamp a Cake

Create your edible delights with Stamp a Cake, the easy way to transfer gorgeous designs with edible ink onto fondant cakes, cookies and cupcakes.

Stamps are made from food grade material, and have been specifically designed for use in cake decorating.

Contains numberals 0-9, upper case letters (and additional vowels) as well as popular contemporary frames ( and 5.5cm diameters).

NB - Apply stamp designs to your edible treats using Stamp a Cake's inksspecially forumated to work with the stamps (note - regular gel pastes and other colours will not work) and the easy to use Stamp a Cake Edible Ink Roller and Acrylic Stamp Holder

For more information about Stamp a Cake, watch the introductory clip on Bake Group's YouTube channel.


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