Rose Lychee Cake



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What you will learn from this class:

An elegant and lovely spongecake created by using our Optima Spongecake Mix. Having lychee and rose in a dessert makes it gorgeous to look at and delicious to consume! This class is also suitable for beginners as students will be able to learn the basics of cake making and variations using our Optima Spongecake Mix.


  • includes all recipes, ingredients, use of equipment & tools, studio, packaging to take home your hand made desserts
  • guided, group hands-on baking unless stated otherwise


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Class Instructor
Course Summary

By attending this course, you will learn:

  • Introduction 
  1. Understanding equipment to be used
  2. Explanation of ingredients
  3. Explanation on oven temperatures and settings
  • Hands-on Baking by Participants

a.  Preparation of rose sponge
b. Mixing of batter and dividing into tins for baking

  • Frosting & Decorating Component
  1. Preparation of Frosting and filling
  2. Demonstration by instructor
  3. Proceed to fill the 3-layered cake

All materials and recipes will be provided.

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