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Nyonya Pineapple Tarts "Masterclass"



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Master these vintage pastries from someone who has been baking CNY cookies for over 3 decades. These recipes have been adjusted almost every year to suit the changing butter quality and customer preferences; from traditional firm crispy pastry to melt-in-the-mouth!
As this is a Masterclass, you will be taught all the secrets and tricks the Chef knows. She will also share how to twit the recipe to obtain your desired pastry tecture. You will also learnt the Nyonya way of clipping the skirting of the open tarts to create your very own pastry and also learn how to create the various designs including roses and pineapple shapes. On top of it, a method of cooking the fresh pineapple paste without hours of sweating out.

What you will learn from this class:

1. Nyonya Open Pineapple Tart
with the vintage crispy firm pastry

2. Nyonya Closed Pineapple Tart
with the melt-in-the-mouth pastry

5 designs:
* Pineapple
* Roses
* Apple
* Orange
* Mini Cup

3. Easy Pineapple Paste Cooking

• Learn how the ingredients affect your pastry texture
• Learn how to adjust the recipes to your desired textures
• The difference between the open crispier; closed melt-in-the-mouth pastry
• Time-savings method to cook your reduced-sugar pineapple paste without the sweat!
• Learn to clip the edges the Nyonya way to create your very own 100% handmade tarts
• Learn the various designs – pineapple, apple, roses balls
• How to prevent the closed pineapple tarts crack.



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Class Instructor
Julie Yee

Julie spent much of her childhood helping her Nonya grandmother make Nonya pastries for sale and also cooking for her big family on weekends. Her cooking and baking styles are greatly influenced by her grandmother, who relies mainly on fresh ingredients and heritage recipes. She is passionate in experimenting with more time-saving ways to cook tedious traditional dishes and enjoys fusing different baking techniques to churn out new bakes.

After completing her Diploma in Cake-Baking and graduated from NIE as a Home-Economics teacher, Julie did not rest on her laurels and continuously strive to improve her skills by taking up short Masterclass courses overseas such as at Macaron Pastry Training Center in Bangkok under the mentorship of Chef Eric Perez.

For over 2 decade, Julie has been giving lessons in baking and cooking on a freelance basis at Julie’s Baking Lab. She also used to contribute recipes periodically to Lianhe Zaobao under Da Jia Chu Fang column for the Chinese readers. She is the author for the book “Peranakan Snacks & Deserts” which has been awarded the International Gourmand Awards 2015 under the A13 Bloggers category.

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