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Strawberry Strudel & Chicken Quiche



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Course Details

What you will learn from this class:

Individual Work.
Puff pastry, a versatile dough to transform between sweets and savouries!
Learn both in this class, as Chef Gina teaches you the cooking of the filling from scratch, preparation and baking of the pastries.
  • Carbonara Quiche (Chicken Ham)
  • Strawberry Strudel


  • includes all recipes, ingredients, use of equipment & tools, studio, packaging to take home your hand made desserts
  • guided, group hands-on baking unless stated otherwise


Bring Home

Class Instructor

All her career, she has been working with renowned chefs, home economist as well as food columnists from Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore in developing and converting traditional recipes to easy cooking concepts which has given her the opportunity to master different cuisines.

Chef turned entrepreneur, her most resounding success has however been her work with Magimix, where they were able to transform these European products into something essential for the Asian kitchen.

As Gina believes on the importance of self upgrading, she continues to go for courses related to the industry to upgrade her knowledge and skill. As a result, she has obtained various certificates, including the International Certificate on Bread Making as well as the Internation Certificate on Cake Decorating.

Course Summary

By attending this course, you will learn:

  • Introduction to Baking Equipment
  1. How to operate equipment
  2. How to measure out ingredients accurately
  3. Explanation on oven temperatures and settings
  • Hands-on Baking by Participants
  1. Full hands-on baking by participants
  2. Preparation of Puff Pastry
    a. Laminating and Folding of pastry
    b. Measuring and cutting of pastry for Quiche and Strudel
  3. Cooking of the chicken ham filling
  4. Cooking of the cream patisserie.
  5. Assembly of the pastry.

All materials and recipes will be provided.

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