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Bake King All Purpose Cake Mix (Gluten Free) Set

Bake King
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 We removed the wheat and gluten, but retained the texture in our gluten-free cake mix. Developed in Taiwan, using premium rice and starches, this cake mix is suitable for variety of cakes, from swiss rolls, cupcakes, light sponges.
The Bake King Gluten-Free Cake Mix Set contains 11 items, including the recipe card which provides ideas for variations using the basic recipe!



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Made with a unique combination of Taiwan premium rice flour and starches, this is an all-purpose cake mix that is suitable for sponge cake, swiss rolls, cupcakes etc.

The Bake King All Purpose Cake Mix (Gluten Free) Set contains :
1 ) Recipe Instructions
2 ) Bake King All-Purpose Cake Mix (Gluten-Free) 250g
3 ) Bake King Pandan Paste 30g
4 ) Bake King Coconut Essence 26ml
5 ) Bake King Dessicated Coconut 100g
6 ) Bake King Ovalett 200g
7 ) Billington’s Golden Caster Sugar 250g
8 ) Bake King Cocoa Powder 100g
9 ) Bake King Nugotin 200g
10) Bake King Cupcake Cases

Additional Information

Storage instructions: Store in a cool, dry place

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