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Bake King All Purpose Cake Mix (Egg Free) Set

Bake King
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Moist sponges, swiss rolls and cupcakes, all without the use of eggs! Uniquely curated in Taiwan, this recipe retains the texture and moisture of old-school sponge cakes. This bundle contains 6 items, including the recipe card which provides ideas for variations using the basic recipe!


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Designed for cake lovers, this egg-free formula retains the moisture and creates a light and fluffy sponge base for layered cakes, swiss rolls, cupcakes and more.

Suitable for Lacto-Vegetarians.

The Bake King All Purpose Cake Mix (Egg Free) Set
contains :
1) Recipe instructions
2) Bake King All Purpose Cake Mix (Egg Free) 500g
3) Bake King Ovalett 200g
4) Bake King Chocolate Cream 400g
5) Bake King Cocoa Powder 100g
6) Magic Colours Red Velvet Potion

Additional Information

Storage instructions: Store in a cool, dry place

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