Earl Grey Lavender Chiffon - Gluten-Free!


  • includes all recipes, ingredients, use of equipment & tools, studio, packaging to take home your hand made desserts
  • guided, group hands-on baking unless stated otherwise

Earl Grey Lavender Chiffon - Gluten-Free!

Date: 26 Nov 2020

Time: 9.30am - 12.30pm

Min. students to start the class: 4

Fee: $85

Full Hands-on. Individual work.

Gluten-free, making it a healthier and lighter. However, not compromising on the flavour and texture.

Lovely pairing of tea and floral, a perfect match in the sponge layers and frosting. 100% naturally flavoured.

A class suitable for all levels, learn all about flavour infusion and decorate your cake to create a rustic effect.

Each participant will bake and take home a decorated 17cm chiffon.

Instructor: Maureen Koh

Very much a self-taught baker, Maureen is a certified Wilton and PME instructor. With substaintial experience in conducting classes across various age groups, corporate workshops, as well as a vast knowledge from traditional desserts to fondant decorations, students enjoys her classes and takeaway valuable information at the end of every class.



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