Tea Impression


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  • guided, group hands-on baking unless stated otherwise

Tea Impression

Date: March 9 2018

Time: 10.30am - 1.30pm

Min. students to start the class: 4

Fee: $99

Full Hands-on. Individual and pair-work.

Bring cookies to another level with the use of various tea and flavours. Understand the strength of the different tea leaf/ flower and how to use it in your bakes.

  1. Earl grey tea bag cookie 
  2. Rose lychee cookie 
  3. Lavender shortbread 
Class will be conducted in Mandarin and translated when necessary. 

Instructor: Kay Chiew

Kay hails from Malaysia,  spending her teenage years in the pastry industry, gaining significant experience and establishing her foundation and passion in baking and decoration. 
Her creativity, coupled with her culinary skills, had since developed and conducted numerous classes in Malaysia, 



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